High View Sample - Post Card

This is a sample post card printed by High View, with a calendar on the reverse.

Redwing - Turdu iliacus - at High View, December 2006

Redwing - Turdus iliacus - at High View - 3 December 2006

The redwing prefers the open countryside, and is a little timid in the domestic environment. Any sudden movement, as we watched them from indoors, caused them to fly away. We have woods and fields, with traditional hedgerows, about 1km away. Our hawthorn tree produced a fine crop of berries this year - and the word spread around. We counted up to seven redwings, and a dozen blackbirds, who stripped the tree in a few days.

Picture technicals: digital photograph, 35mm equivalent focal length 450mm, taken through rather grubby double glazed windows - hence the fringes apparent in the detail of the print.

Production technicals: laser printed onto 325gm Replica Smooth White boards (a Forestry Stewardship Council, FSC, certified board).

We would be pleased to print similar items for you. If you need them contact Bernard Harrison at High View.

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