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At High View we specialize in PRESENTATION.

Presentation matters! So does COPYRIGHT

Since we make our living out of presentation matters we do need to protect our income. One way of doing ths is to remind people that there are copyright restrictions that need to be followed. We are happy to conform and abide by all the UK and global legislation on this. Some readers may need reminding of the requirements they have to follow.

All materials - photographs, books, pamphlets, postcards, web-designs, typesetting that are produced by High View are copyright owned by High View and also the person commissioning the work.

Copyright (© 2010) means you cannot make any copy for your own use. To do so is an offence, punishable in law. Copyright lasts for fifty years from the date shown. Almost every country in the world has agreed that their citizens will abide by these copyright arrangements.

In practice we, at High View, subscribe to "Fair Use", whereby we offer an open licence for people, without request, to make their own copies for personal or educational use. This excludes any commercial activity, and also prohibits digital sale or transfer. We are very happy to consider wider unpaid use, but would invariably expect the courtesy of and acknowledgement and some brief exchange of notes with potential users of our images.

Thank you for your understanding over all this.

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