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At High View we specialize in many forms of presentation

Presentation includes photography, print, and pictorial and computer related affairs. We believe presentation matters - it is part of professionalism.

Why High View?

When we moved into these premises twenty five years ago we adopted the existing name. It seemed appropriate then, and remains so. We are based in Gunnislake, Cornwall, UK. Our view of the distant Plymouth Sound can be seen below.

Tamar Valley, looking south from High View, Delaware, Gunnislake

A misty morning outlook from High View - Plymouth Sound in the distance.
Click on the image for a larger version and more detail.

Our site

We provide a wide variety of products and services, which are introduced on our contents page, and listed in more detail on our main index. We use these words in the traditional way of books: contents give the chapter headings, index lists everything alphabetically. If we can help in ways not fully outlined in these two menus then please drop Bernard Harrison an e-mail, or write a letter.

As well as being photographers, printers, and picture framers, we also offer consultancy and tuition on computing, in particular on photography and image processing, and also on database management. We can advise on equipment suitability, and can also supply those items in which we have our fullest confidence. Retail and trade sales are available for many items.

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This High View site is designed for easy access with all types of browser and screen size. It is mainly text based. We have kept the number of fancy pages to a minimum, and the main images are invariably about 600 pixels wide, or less. For your reference the picture of the Tamar Valley, above, is 600 pixels wide. (It can be enlarged - click on the image.) The site is also undergoing continuous revision: please bear with us as some links are not yet fully developed. (There should be no broken links: please notify High View if you find one!)

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